We are not responsible for the quality of the maps or any of the images that are not originally ours.

Bigdamfish.net and pa-conservation.org has realized a need for a comprehensive source of Pennsylvania horse trail information that may be leaving the impression Pennsylvania had little to offer in equestrian trails. On our quest to bring trails information into one complete resource area, we have discovered a variety of trails that tapped the state’s rich history and beautiful, natural resources.

Although we couldn't cover every trail system in Pennsylvania due to the ever-changing nature of trail systems, we did our best to provide a generous selection of trails sure to entice riders of every skill level and area of interest. 

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Please protect the environment by riding and hiking only on the marked trails, and crossing streams only on the bridges. Familiarize yourself with the area prior to an outing.

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Pennsylvania trails open for horse riding on state owned lands are managed by the Division of Parks & Recreation and the Forest Service. Before you set out on a trail ride, it is recommended that you call the Park or  Forest district to learn of any seasonal restrictions that might affect trail use. Most trails have multiple uses requiring horse riders to share the trail with other trail users. On multiple use trails, you may encounter hikers or even off road bicyclists which may tend to spook the horse. So be in control at all times and choose your horse wisely as they must be conditioned to this type of experience. While riding, you can expect to experience a variety of environments and landscapes. 

State parks maintain several bridle trails available for public use. Each trail is unique. The geological, biological and cultural histories combine to create a story of the various areas so we included this information in  the *.pdf file downloads for the state park area's.

Please be aware that several parks lie adjacent to other public lands such as state forest land or state game lands. In these cases, riders can leave their trailers in the parks day-use area and ride through the park to access other public lands. French Creek accesses the Horseshoe Trail, Kettle Creek accesses state forest land and Prince Gallitzin and Ricketts Glen access state game lands. 

In all cases, if unfamiliar with an area, it is best to contact the forest district or state game land area involved to get a list of their rules and regulations for the specific area in which you wish to ride.

Appreciation of Our Steeds and Deeds

The earliest commercial activity from the south and southeast to Pittsburgh was keyed by pack horses from Carlisle, Shippensburg, Chambersburg and Winchester, Va. Hauled west to these points, it was transferred to pack trains of from 10 to 25 horses. 

As late as 1790, there were only six freight wagons engaged in hauling goods to Pittsburgh from over the mountains, according to a commemorative city newspaper later.

Groceries, salt, iron, liquor and just about all other supplies entered the town on backs of horses. On their return trip from Pittsburgh, the horses were loaded with furs, skins and ginseng by traders. 

Conestoga wagons then filled the gap until about 1850 when the railroads came along, with some help from canal traffic for two decades before the trains. 

Pennsylvania with its natural, scenic beauty and a history still being discovered,  is the perfect setting for a trail ride any time of the year. Spring, summer, winter or fall, the gently rolling woodlands offer a refreshing change. Each trail is unique with its offerings of scenic views, wildflowers, unique plants and amenities that only a nature lover could truly appreciate. The geological, biological and cultural histories combine to create a story of the various areas. Most all State parks have bridled areas for visitors and in our State Forest regions, nearly all of the district trails and roads are available for equestrian use with multi-use trail systems. If this isn't Heaven enough, add the 2.1 million acres of state forest land available for cross-country riding in the United States. Make sure to call ahead or stop at the park office to get brochures on all rules and regulations for that area.

State Park information:

Trail Access: All mileages listed in the regional breakouts represent trails only -- no roads. Some parks allow limited travel on the roads in the park, but this varies from park to park. 

A few of the parks lie adjacent to other public lands such as state forest land or state game lands. In these cases, riders can leave their trailers in the parks day-use area and ride through the park to access other public lands. French Creek accesses the Horseshoe Trail, Kettle Creek accesses state forest land and Prince Gallitzin and Ricketts Glen access state game lands. 

In all cases it is best to contact the forest district or state game land area involved to get a list of their rules and regulations for the specific area in which you wish to ride.

Hitching and Water Facilities:

Only Susquehannock State Park has formal hitching posts. The rest simply rely on trees. 

Most parks have access to water through streams, creeks and lakes. Big Pocono, French Creek, Keystone, Nockamixon and Tyler, however, have extremely limited water access so it is best to provide your own if it will be needed.


Parking of vehicles and horse trailers is generally available near the bridle trails or the trail heads near the parks. Most are designated with an appropriate sign. Big Pocono is the only park with limited availability for parking. The trail is very mountainous in the park, limiting the availability. Contact the appropriate park office for the most suitable parking location for your trailer. This is especially vital on trailer size.


Generally, the same rules of respect follow for bridle trails as elsewhere in the park. Please stay on the trail, and do not litter. Please stay on the trails marked for equestrians. Multi use trails will be clearly marked also.

Caution: When planning your excursion, be sure to call the park office to find out about the condition and availability of trails for use. Some trails are multi-use and conditions can vary from time to time depending on season and weather conditions. 

 ...  Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)
The following are some suggestions offered to protect the outdoors and all outdoor recreation through responsible practices:
  • Stay on designated trails or other areas open for use.
  • Take a first aid course before trying any activity that you are not experienced at.
  • Avoid "spooking" livestock and wildlife you encounter. 
  • Cross streams at designated crossings only. 
  • Avoid building fires.
  • Always show courtesy to others.
  • Be aware that there are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way.  It is your responsibility to stay in control your horse at all times.
  • Obey all trail signs and posted rules and regulations.
  • Respect the rights of adjacent property owners. Much of the surrounding land outside of park areas is private property.
  • Please stay on the trail except where designated for public use. This is especially important where the trail passes through or adjacent to an active railroad corridor or in a residential area.
  • Use trash receptacles where provided.
There are miles and miles of scenic trails for you to enjoy in the beautiful forest and parks of Pennsylvania. Now you can calculate how long it will take you to get to your destination by downloading the Pennsylvania Mileage map. (mileage_map.pdf)
Seven Charms Trakehners Equestrian Center:  763 Number 9 Road, Hastings, Pa. An equestrian training center with indoor and outdoor facilities.
ANF Forests Notes: There is a network of over 50 trails in the Allegheny National Forest . For a complete up to date trail condition report in *pdf format, please click here.
There are over 600 campsites, 6 boat launches, 6 canoe access sites, 2 nationally designated wildernesses and many miles of hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails. Download recreation map of the entire Allegheny Forest Region for Campgrounds, Trails, Rec Areas 
Special Regulation Area's
Valley Forge: VF_Rules.pdf
Antietam National Battlefield
Gettysburg, Pa: Antietam.PDF
Allegheny National Forest: Allegheny NF_Regs.pdf
Rules & Regulations Montgomery County-Schuylkill
River Trail- Betzwood Trail - MC-Betzwood_brochure.pdf
Allegheny National Forest: There are not any marked equestrian trails, but does allow horse use anywhere except in campgrounds, and on hiking and ski trails. The Forest has many closed and abandoned roads that can be connected for your own personalized trail ride. Most equestrian use on the Forest occurs in the Kellettville, Duhring and Scandia areas. Most trails including snowmobile trails, general open roads and gated roads are available for use by mountain bikers.
Elk State Forest: There are 26 miles of equestrian trails.  Horses are permitted on all roads open to the public. Horses are  permitted on gated roads with the exception of those newly seeded and those located in wild and natural designated areas. Also, horses are permitted throughout the forest with the exception of where degradadtion would occur such as wet areas, steep hillsides, and food plots. Horses are not allowed on the the other six maintained hiking trail systems.
Choose a Region:
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains | Philadelphia and Its Countryside/Lehigh Valley | Hershey/Gettysburg/Dutch Country Region
Lake Erie Region | Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies | Pittsburgh Region | Valleys of the Susquehanna
State Park Equestrian Trail Area's
We are not responsible for the quality of the maps!
Park Location Area & Trail Name Length Trail heads Miscellaneous & Maps
Pocono Mountains/Endless Mountains Allegheny Snowmobile Trails
Allegheny National Forest

*Used for equestrian trails during off season 

159 miles Equestrian
This trail is in excess of 300 miles with snowmobile connectors
Marienville and Kane have easy access to the trail system. Brown Run Road (off of SR 59, just east of Warren) also has trail access. Allegheny_sn_horse.PDF
map not available
Big Pocono
South Trail
5 miles 
3 miles
The trail head is at the west end of the park, near the park entrance.  bigpocono_map.pdf
Black Forest Trail 
Tiadaghton State Forest
42 miles From State Run, follow Slate Run Road west to parking area. Parking is also available north of Haneyville on SR44. Black Forest Trail.bmp
Cook Forest
Brown's Run Trail 
Allegheny National Forest
4.5 miles  not available cookforest_map.pdf
Colton Point State Park
Allegheny National Forest
Pine Creek Trail
9 mile  Horseback riding is only permitted on the dirt access road immediately beside the Pine Creek Trail for a nine- mile length from Ansonia to Tiadaghton. Horseback riding is not permitted on the limestone gravel trail. The Horseback trailhead is along Marsh Creek Road near the junction of US 6 and PA 362 at Ansonia.  Colton.PDF
Endless Mountain Riding Trail  14 miles  Alford to Montrose
712 Route 6 East
area map included-trail map not available
Abington Trail 
3.5 miles  northeastern section of the park along Wallsville Road (PA 438). lackawanna_map.pdf
 Marienville ATV/Bike Trail 
*ATV area only for winter season
multi-use trail system
37.8 miles
Rating: Moderate
located on SR 66, about 15 miles southwest of Kane and 11 miles northeast of Marienville Marienville.PDF
O&W Trail
Simpson, PA to Hancock, NY
13 miles Trailhead-Simpson
Part of the D&H rail trail 
Lackawanna River 

map not available

Old Railroad Trail 4 miles Take I-80 to exit 45 and head south on PA715. Turn right onto Railroad Avenue and follow it approximately one mile to the trail head on the right Old Railroad Trail.PDF

map not available

Promised Land not available not available promisedland_map.pdf
Promised Land.PDF
Ricketts Glen
Cherry Run Trail
Fish Commission Road
Mountain Springs Trail
9 miles  Heavy trailer units should avoid this hill and enter the park by taking PA 487 south from Dushore.  rickettsglen_map.pdf
Philadelphia and Its Countryside/Lehigh Valley Conashaugh View Trail 
multi-use trail system
Part of Delaware Canal Area
9 miles  The trail head and parking lot are on Conashaugh Road. mapCONA2.gif
Conashaugh View Trail .PDF
Betzwood Trail 
Valley Forge National Park
12 miles Most of the trail runs along the edge of the Schuylkill River

Entrance:N. Gulph Rd 

Core Creek 
Core Creek Park
1200 acres
Langhorne, PA 
156 acre lake, Lake Luxembourg Core Creek.PDF
D and L Trail - Delaware Canal Towpath 
Upper Black Eddy, PA 
60 miles Paralleling the Delaware River between Easton and Bristol
Trailhead:Washington Crossing-left on River Road / PA 32
From U.S. 22 -Turn right at entrance bridge to Hugh Moore Park. Cross the bridge, then go right and park near the picnic area.
Evansburg 15 miles A trail head parking lot for horse trailers is on Skippack Creek Road. evansburg_map.pdf
Fairmont Park
Wissahickon Valley 
20+ miles
Rating: Moderate
To reach the trail head from Phili, head west on US76 to the Belmont Ave exit Fairmont.zip
Forks Township Rec. Trail  7 miles Laplume and Factoryville  forkrec.pdf
map not available
Horse Shoe Trail
Valley Forge to the Appalachian Trail in southeastern Pennsylvania. 
140 miles there are several areas to gain access through various counties due to the length horse-mack_map.pdf
Jacobsburg 18.5 miles  not available jacobsburg_map.pdf
Lake Towhee 
Old Bethlehem Pike
Applebachsville, PA 
552-acre park
Open sunrise to sunset.
not available not available Lake Towhee.pdf
Lehigh Parkway Park 
Allentown, PA
Nockamixon State Park
20 miles Horses may be rented at a private establishment near the park nockamixon_map.pdf
Marsh Creek 6 miles  The trails are in the western side of the park and have loops of various distances.  marshcreek_map.pdf
Nockamixon 20 miles  Horses may be rented at a private establishment near the park nockamixon_map.pdf
Pennypack Park Trail-
Philadelphia (Pine Rd on Montgomery County border) southeast to Philadelphia (Delaware River)
10 miles Pennypack Park provides playgrounds, hiking and bike trails as well as bridle paths for horseback riding. An adjunct to the park is the Pennypack Environmental Center on Verree Road Pennypack.zip
Perkiomen Trail
Perkiomenville (Green Lane Park) to Oaks
19.5 miles PERKIOMEN Access

Extending from its connection to the Schuylkill River Trail (SRT) in Oaks in Upper Providence Township to Green Lane Park in Upper Frederick Township.

Ridley Creek 4.7 miles The trail begins in Picnic Area #8. A parking lot for trailers is at the trail head. ridleycreek_map.pdf
Tyler State Park  9 miles  Parking for horse trailers is near Number One Lane Trail in the large parking lot across from craft  center.  tyler_map.pdf
White Clay Creek Preserve 8 miles  An 8-mile equestrian trail traverses the entire length of the northern portion of the Preserve.  whiteclaycreek_map.pdf
Wissahickon Valley Park (Forbidden Drive)
Philadelphia (Lincoln Drive) north to Philadelphia (city limit)
7 miles Forbidden Drive is the only trail open to bicyclists and equestrians without a permit.
All bicyclists and equestrians using the upper trails in the Wissahickon are required to register for a user permit. The permit, which is free, must be renewed annually.

Download Trail information, Rules, Regs & Permit Application

Hershey/Gettysburg/Dutch Country Region Blue Marsh Lake
Orienteering Trail
Foxtrot Hiking Loop
Skinners Loops
30 miles
GPS: 40.376, -76.024
not available Blue Marsh.PDF
Codorus 7 miles not available Codorus.PDF
Catoctin Mountain Park 6 miles  Day use only, from April 15th through December 1st 
Closed in the winter to help preserve the trail. 
Catoctin Mountain Park.PDF
map not available
Conewago Trail 5 miles On the right just before the Getty Station. coenwago_map.jpe
Conewago Trail.PDF
Cumberland Valley Rail-Trail *Daylight use only; use at own risk (steep embankments) 11 miles Oakville
Fort Street
Britton Road
Cumberland Valley.bmp
Cumberland Valley.PDF
French Creek
multi use trail system
8 miles The Horseshoe Trail passes through the park french_map.pdf
Gifford Pinchot
The 200-mile Mason Dixon Trail runs through the park on its way from Marsh Creek Reservoir to the Appalachian Trail
4 miles  large, gravel parking area off of Alpine Road, a short distance south of the intersection with PA 177 giffordpinchot_map.pdf
Iron Horse Trail 10 miles Big Spring State Park serves as a trail head  bigspring_map.pdf
Lancaster Junction Trail
Conewago Trail 
2.5 miles Lancaster Junction 
map not available
Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail
Conewago Trail 
9 miles Colebrook
Parking is available at the intersection of Rt. 117 and Colebrook Road.
Stony Valley RR Grade
(Ellendale Forge to Lebanon Reservoir)
22 miles Undeveloped Pennsylvania Game Commission administrative service road Access for Lebanon Reservoir end of trail is from Goldmine Rd. off of Rt. 443 southwest of Pine Grove Stone Valley-211.zip

State Gameland maps showing area 211/211A

Susquehannock 10 miles  To accommodate riding clubs and horse-drawn wagons, a shaded hitching rail for horses is in the lower parking lot. susquehannock_map.pdf
Swatara 17 miles
12 mile loop around lake
Horseback riding is permitted on the right side berm of public roads. swatara_map.pdf
 Thun Trail 
(Reading to Gibraltar)
11 miles Trailheads:  City of Reading to Border of Montgomery County 
The reconstructed Trailhead will be known as the "Brentwood Drive Trailhead" on the Thun Trail. 
Ernst Bike Trail 5 miles Mercer Pike south of Meadville ernst.PDF
includes maps
Lake Erie Region Shenango Trail
Beaver to Erie Canal
7.5 miles Big Bend, New Hamburg, Kidd’s Mill Shenango-b2erie.pdf
map not available
East Branch Trail
(Titusville- Spartanburg)
7.5 miles This original right-of-way runs from Spartansburg to Hydetown, just north of Titusville.
Can be accessed in Spartansburg at the Clear Lake Parking Area off Route 77 or in the Village of Glynden on Glynden Road.
no map available

gameland map showing RR

Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies Blue Knob 8 miles
Rating: Moderate
Across from the campground entrance at Chappell’s Field Blue Knob.PDF
Canoe Creek 5 miles  A bridle trail loops around the northern part of the park Canoe Creek.PDF
Ghost Town Trail 16 miles Dilltown, Wehrum, Rexis, and Nanty Glo. ghost.PDF
Horse and Buggy Tour 
The Mennonite Countryside
33.7 Miles  Trailhead:Martinsburg Borough intersection of SR 866/SR 164.Countryside tour through Mennonite farmland. Charming Williamsburg and its BLue Hole Quarry.  horse-buggy-map.gif
Laurel Hill Trails list Only Laurel Highland
Mountain Streams Trail System=Forbes State Forest
mutli-use trails
10+ mile 
Mt Stream Trail: 7.7 miles
Rating: Moderate
GPS:40.0752, -79.3123 
There are several trailheads located on SR31. mt_stream.bmp
Mt Stream.PDF
Linn Run not available Horseback riding is permitted along Linn Run Road only. linnrun_map.pdf
Lower Trail 
multi-use trail system
Juniata River Corridor
11 miles  Alexandria and Williamsburg, Canoe Creek State Park, and Flowing Springs 
Trailhead:Alexandria and Williamsburg on Route 22
East Branch Trail  15.4 miles Off of State Route 77 in Spartansburg beside Clear Lake Dam map not available

East Branch Trail.PDF

The Sugarloaf Snowmobile and Mountain Bike Area has equestrian trails. 
9.4 miles
Rating: moderate
GPS: 39.8674, -79.471 
A separate parking area is off of Grover Road and has a fenced paddock and nearby water.
Chalk Hill Road leads to Pennsylvania 381, Ohiopyle, and the trailheads
Prince Gallitzin 6 miles  Southeast corner of the park princegallitzin_map.pdf
Pittsburgh Region Allegheny Highlands Trail  (part of the Great Allegheny Passage)
Garrett to Fort Hill
24-miles The trail is currently open from the village of Fort Hill to the Salisbury Viaduct between the towns of Garrett and Meyersdale. 
Equestrian use is only permitted on the section of trail from Garrett to Rockwood, with parking available at the trailhead in Garrett.
Allegheny River Trail
Franklin to Brandon
Venango County
10 miles Franklin-east end of the 8th Street Bridge 
Brandon-Coal City Road-The parking lot is marked for the Samuel Justus Trail.

Allegheny River Trail is the southern extension of the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail.

Includes maps of all sections of the ART

Armstrong Trail  52.5 miles  There are 13 access points from Schenley to East Brady Armstrong Trail.PDF
includes map
Butler-Freeport Community Trail
Butler to Freeport
21 miles Sarver Road
Cabot-Winfield Road 
Noticable grade - an average 2-3% incline from the Allegheny River end (Freeport) as you go north
(info only-no map available)
Great Shamokin Path 4 miles Meredith, NuMine, Rural Valley, Yatesboro great-sham.PDF
map not available
Houtzdale Line Rail-Trail
Allegheny National Forest
Smoke Run (SR 2005) to Houtzdale
10.5 miles Houtzdale houtz.PDF
map not available
Samuel Justus Rec Trail
Oil City to Franklin
Venango County
5.3 miles Oil City -1.6 miles onto West First Street adjacent to the GPU Building, across from Venango Campus of Clarion University
Forms the northern portion of a continuous 15.5 miles of rail-trail that run from Oil City to Franklin (the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail segment) and from Franklin south to Brandon (the Allegheny River Trail segment). 
Samuel Justus.PDF
map not available
Moraine 16 miles  not available moraine_map.pdf
Montour Trail 
multi-use non-motorized 
30 miles acessible
47 total when finished

access points

montour maps.zip

contains 7 trail area maps
Panhandle Trail
part of Mountour
29 miles  Walkers Mill
Mill St
Station street
Laurel Hill
montour maps.zip

contains 7 trail area maps
Multi-use trail system
16 miles  Trailhead parking lot is along PA 168 on the western border of the park raccooncreek_map.pdf
Youghiogheny River Trail - North (part of the Great Allegheny Passage)
McKeesport to Connellsville
43 miles Built along the "railbanked" right-of-way of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad -continues to Meyersdale for 100 continuous miles of one of the most beautiful trails in the country.
Trailheads at   Connellsville and Ohiopyle
Valleys of the Susquehanna Brush Hollow Trail
Bald Eagle State Park
1.3 miles not available Bald Eagle.PDF
Duncan Trail
Bald Eagle State Park
1.8 miles not available map not available
Kettle Creek 22 miles  Starts at Beaverdam Run kettlecreek_map.pdf
The Mid-State Trail bisects this park. The park serves as a trail head.
not available Thickhead Mountain Road, leading west from Penn-Roosevelt State Park pennroosevelt_map.pdf
York County Heritage Rail Trail (connects with MD's Northern Central Railroad Trail)
New Freedom to York
 21 miles 10 foot wide compacted stone adjacent to active rail line, the Northern Central Railway.
Trailheads:Colonial Courthouse in York, Hanover Junction, Glen Rock & New Freedom
Allegheny National Forest

multi-use trail system

Allegheny Snowmobile Trails

Much of this trail is located on roads that are open in summer and snow covered in winter. The trail is marked with orange diamonds. 

300+ miles
including snowmobile trail connectors
Marienville and Kane have easy access to the trail system. Brown Run Road (off of SR 59, just east of Warren) also has trail access.
Starts in Warren, con't to the New York state line. Trail 7, North Country Natural Scenic Trail, is part of a 3,200-mile National Scenic Trail.

3 trail host houses located along the trail system
ANF Recreation map
Allegheny National Forest
Colton Point
Leonard Harrison State Park
Pine Creek Trail

Horseback riding is only permitted on the dirt access road immediately beside the Pine Creek Trail 

Ansonia to Tiadaghton
Horseback trailhead is along Marsh Creek Road near the junction of US 6 and PA 362 at Ansonia.  Colton.PDF

Cook Forest

North Country Trail

not available 4.5 miles  Two designated bridle trails and portions of Brown's Run Trail  Cook Forest.PDF

We do our best to gather all public trail information available from public sites and place it in one area for your convenience. We know there are many trails not mentioned that we are not aware of or do not have access to. Please send us any information you have on any trails and we will add it to its respective page and keep them updated. mailto: trailmaster@pa-conservation.org

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