Download maps of trails and always use caution on trails you are not familiar with.
Every skier & snow board user  must be an ambassador for the sports. Please give careful consideration to your effect on the trails, environment and others. The future of your sport depends on it.
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Don't own a 4-wheeler? Here is a great download for those who want to ride scenic routes at their own leisure. The Allegheny Mountain Tour map which includes Johnstown-Cambria County. Click here to download the map in *pdf form.

PA NEWS: July 23, 2007


HARRISBURG – To encourage the better use of existing all-terrain vehicle trails and promote legal, safe ATV operation, the state Bureau of Forestry today unveiled plans to develop a series of five key trail connections to expand riding opportunities for the growing legion of ATV riders in Pennsylvania.

Requiring construction into 2010 at a projected cost of $2.25 million, the “strategic connector” initiative was unveiled before the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ monthly meeting of the Snowmobile ATV Advisory Committee.

“Knowing many ATV riders yearn for long rides traversing new territory, our forestry specialists took a careful look at our existing 247 miles of state forest trails with an eye toward maximizing riding opportunities while minimizing environmental impact,” said DCNR Secretary Michael DiBerardinis. “By developing short links to existing state forest and private ATV trails, as well as township roads legally open to ATVs, the bureau has devised a plan that develops 29 miles of new, or armored, trails that will serve to expand riding terrain by 333 miles.” 

The Secretary said projects would vary from reconfiguring 13 miles of existing trails within their existing footprint in Delaware State Forest in northeastern Pennsylvania, to adding a one-mile connector to north central Pennsylvania’s Susquehannock district, which would create a 151-mile system of township road riding opportunities.

“In addition, linking this proposed total of 29 miles of new trail in state forestlands to the already existing 72 miles of forestland trails in these selected forest districts would create ‘new’ riding opportunities totaling 290 miles,” said DiBerardinis.

The proposed projects and estimated costs, listed by estimated completion date, are:
September 2008: 1-mile connector trail in Susquehannock State Forest; $5,000; 
December 2008: 1.5-mile addition to Sideling Hill trails in Buchanan State Forest; $20,000; 
December 2008: 20-mile enhancement/expansion to Jack’s Mountain trails in Bald Eagle State Forest; $200,000; 
December 2009: 6.6-mile addition to Bloody Skillet trails, Sproul State Forest;$1,500,000; and 
December 2010: 13-mile upgrade to Dixon Miller trails; Delaware State Forest; $500,000.
“In the Bald Eagle State Forest, the additional 20 miles of trail will come from better use, enhancing and stabilizing former fire breaks and skid trails,” DiBerardinis said. “It’s also part of our ongoing, statewide ATV trail restoration program created to remediate, rejuvenate and enhance the entire 247-mile ATV trail system by using advances in trail design developed over the last decade.

“While DCNR is investing more and more snowmobile/ATV funds into county agencies and the private sector to develop premiere, self-contained, riding opportunities at sites like the new 6,000-acre Rock Run Recreation Area in Cambria County, as well as smaller satellite sites, the department must not overlook its current 247-mile trail system on Bureau of Forestry property,” said DiBerardinis. “A dedicated program geared towards improving the existing trail system today will not only protect adjacent natural resources and save maintenance funds in the future, but will also create a more enjoyable, safer trail system for riders.

“In addition to increased sustainability, properly designed trails could also ease enforcement problems by enticing enthusiasts to stay on the designated trail system and reduce the amount of unauthorized, renegade travel on private and public lands.”

The five proposed projects would be financed principally through DCNR’s snowmobile/ATV fund, which relies on vehicle registration fees. The fund also supplies grants that help government agencies and riding enthusiasts buy land, develop plans and surveys, construct and maintain ATV and snowmobile trails, buy equipment, and conduct training relating to ATV and snowmobile use. 

DCNR records show there were 237,133 registered ATV owners in Pennsylvania as of July 2, 2006.

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The DCNR (Department ofConservation and Natural Resources) has updated their site that includes a new Pennsylvania Online Rails-to-Trails Guide with interactive maps, photographs of the rails trails and an abundance of information free for public use. This includes a total number of Open Rail Trails: 95. There are 968.6 miles of open trail, 101.5 miles under construction, and 654 miles in proposal phase. "Contained in this web site is information on Rails-Trails open to the public, under construction, and proposed. DCNR will periodically update this site as information comes into us from our many trail partners." ... DCNR 
In the near future all trails included in the Rails-to-Trails projects will carry the DCNR insignia  with the link to their respective page for more information.

The Rock Run Recreation Park is a proposed multi-motorized recreation, 6,000 acre facility, primarily focused on the sport of 4-wheelers, dirtbikes, and other off-highway vehicles.  The park is in the development stages, however, has hosted a series of single-day event poker runs and will host a youth event in June 2006. 

The park is situated in both northern Cambria and southern Clearfield Counties, of Western Pennsylvania in the Alleghenies.  The property has a diverse topography and unique past land use which creates various types of experiences for the off-road community. 

We invite the viewer to explore this web-site to learn more about this exciting project. The success of this project is success for the entire ATV/off road community.

For more information please email info@rockrunrecreation.com

UPDATE: July 19, 2006
ATV sites receive grants

The first trails at Cambria County’s Rock Run Recreation Area could open this fall, providing a long-awaited playground for all-terrain vehicle riders.

In a round of grant announcements that also included cash for a Somerset County ATV park, state officials on Wednesday handed over $1.9 million that will fund first-phase construction at the Rock Run site near Patton.

“Right now, we are building the access road to the park,” said Dee Columbus of Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority. 

“(The grant) will allow us to construct the welcome center and the trails.”

The authority, which purchased the 6,000-acre Rock Run property in 2004, will install 50 miles of trails catering to three levels of ATV-riding expertise.

That trail network could expand later, as will the site’s welcome center.

“It will have public restrooms, a multipurpose room and an office,” Columbus said. “In the future, we plan to add to it.”

Other long-term plans include completion of a campground and installation of “tracks” where riders can practice.

The recreation authority also received $44,800 in state money to purchase a tractor for trail maintenance.

Meanwhile, at Mountain Ridge Trails Resort in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, workers have been cutting off-roading trails into 2,500 acres of land for more than a year.  Now they will be working with a blueprint.

More information is available at www.mountainridgeatvtrails.com.

Registration and Titling
Snowmobile/ATV Section
PO Box 8553
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8553
(717) 783-9227
Email: snowatv@state.pa.us
ATV Trails and Law
Bureau of Forestry
Recreation Section
PO Box 8552
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8552
(717) 783-7941
Email: forestrecreation@state.pa.us
Pennsylvania State Parks
PO Box 8551
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8551
Email: parkinfo@state.pa.us
State Game Lands
The Pennsylvania Game Commission
Bureau of Land Management
2001 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797
(717) 787-9612
Allegheny National Forest
222 Liberty Street
Warren, PA 16365
(814) 723-5150
Email: r9_allegheny_nf@fs.fed.us
PA Off-Highway Vehicle Association
Mike Babusci
PO Box 111422
Blawnox, PA 15238-0822
ATV Safety Institute
(800) 887-2887
National ATV Association
All-Terrain Vehicle Association
PO Box 800
Pickerington, OH 43147
1-866-ATVA-JOIN or
PA Atving
PA Tourism and Lodging Council
902 North Second Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102
(717) 232-8880
Email: info@patourism.org
Consumer Complaints
State Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Hotline
Off-Road Vehicle Trails Links
The ATV Connection  Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance
Keystone Off Road Riders Lehigh Valley ATV Association
Northeast Ohio Outdoor Recreation - Don't let the name fool you. The recreation spills over into Pennsylvania and although the site is new, it has a bright looking future for ATV information. And all ATV riders will agree, you can never have too much information!
Pennsylvania's State Forests offer ATVers six "summer only" trail systems and four "summer/winter" systems. Total trail mileage of the combined systems is under 300 miles being used by 158,000 ATVers.
Statistics dispute this and show that there are more than a "few" ATVers in Pennsylvania. The state's ATV registrations have risen from about 15,400 in 1994 to the current level of 158,000. 

While more ATV trails inspire awe for some and fear for the environmentalists, in the long run everyone benefits. The environment benefits because less people will be riding unregulated bootleg trails and will be riding maintained trails that have been installed in an eco-friendly manner. Regulated trails tend to be safer and more environmentally correct than bootleg trails. And while environmentalists scream that ATV riders disturb wildlife, Pennsylvania now has more deer, coyote, turkeys, rabbits and bear than it did in the 1800's. In fact, the Game Commission is extending most hunting seasons next year to help decrease the numbers. 

The ATVers obviously benefit as we'll have more trailheads with less travel time to reach them. Local economies near trailheads can expect an influx of money ATVers bring to businesses. The fine people at DCNR have clearly made the right decision in enlarging the trail systems. Pennsylvania ranks third in the country for ATV sales and judging by sales forecasts, all-terrain vehicles are going to be around for quite a long time.  .... Atv'ing Magazine

Trail etiquette:

Many times ATV riders will come in contact with other user groups sharing the same lands, roadways or trails. It is important to practice common courtesies. 

  • Be considerate of others on the trail and keep to the right. 
  • Slow down when passing. 
  • Ride only where permitted. 
  • Leave gates as you find them. 
  • Yield the right of way to bikes, horses and hikers. 
  • Carry out what you carry in. 
  • Wave and say 'hello' as you pass. 
  • Report downed trees and trail maintenance needs to land managers
One of our biggest issues in southwest Pennsylvania is the lack of legal all terrain vehicle trails. Join a club and write your congressman. Be courteous and concientious while using state trails. Due to the lack of legal trails, alot of information on bootleg trails can be found in the many ATV forums. 

The following are some suggestions offered by Tread Lightly! ®, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the outdoors and outdoor recreation through responsible practices:
  • Stay on designated roads and trails or other areas open for use. 
  • Avoid "spooking" livestock and wildlife you encounter. 
  • Cross streams at designated crossings only. 
  • Use existing campsites whenever possible; avoid building fires. 
  • Cross obstacles at an angle, one wheel at a time. 
  • Don't straddle large rocks. 
  • Avoid mud if you can while remaining on the road or trail. 
  • Turn into ravines or large depressions at about a 45-degree angle. 
  • Straddle ruts, even if they are wider than your vehicle. This will keep your vehicle level. 
  • Lower the tire pressure to where you see a bulge in your tire to give you better traction and provide for a smoother ride. 
  • Avoid riding the brakes and clutch which can lead to brake failure. 
  • New Atv Riding Area:

    Location: NorthWestern Pennsylvania. 20 miles east of Erie. Centered between Route 430 and Interstate 86 (old Rt. 17). Located at the New York/Pennsylvania line.

    We offer 250+ acres of Wooded and open land with Approximately 12 miles of trails of all types.

    • Privately owned with Fishing pond, Covered pavilion and camping access. 
    • Opened 7 days per week 9:00am to 6:00pm. 
    • Rates based on number of ATVs: One atv starts @ $20.00 then add $15 for each add'l. Example: One Atv $20.00, Two ATVs $35.00 etc. 
    • Season starts May 1st and Ends September 15th for 2004 season
    • September 30th for 2005 season.
    • Season passes can be purchased.
    E-Mail Thomas Mount at: tmestates@velocity.net or call: (814)-725-0361 for further information. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
    BlackGold.docis a document for downloading & reading in regards to issues presented with legalizing trails in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Its a series of articles that include letters to the editor in the Somerset Daily American voicing concerns with Black Gold Heritage, Inc. dating from 2003 to 2004.
    For more DCNR ATV information , check the articles for reading of meetings and plans for the future:
    ANF Forests Notes: There is a network of over 50 trails in the Allegheny National Forest . For a complete up to date trail condition report in *pdf format, please click here.
    There are over 600 campsites, 6 boat launches, 6 canoe access sites, 2 nationally designated wildernesses and many miles of hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails. Download recreation map of the entire Allegheny Forest Region for Campgrounds, Trails, Rec Areas 
    Allegheny National Forest Information:

    Summer Trails: These trails are open from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September
    Martin Hill, Sideling Hill, Potter County, Snyder 7 Union Counties, Pohopoco Tract, and Maple Run

    Summer and Winter Trails: These trails are open during the summer and winter seasons. 
    The summer season runs from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September. The winter season runs from the day following the last day of the regular or extended antlerless deer season as established by the Game Commision through the following April 1.

    Burnt Mills, Adams & Cumberland Counties, Clinton County, Bloody Skillet and Lycoming County

    ATV Trail seasons are the Friday before Memorial Day through the last Sunday in September, winter season is from December 20-April 1 (for Marienville ATV Trail, Timberline Trail and Rocky Gap Trail). The trails may close quickly due to deteriorating trail conditions, please call ahead, if in doubt (814) 723-5150. 

    Fee Demo Information - The Allegheny National Forest has implemented a trail use fee for ATV and motorized bike trails. A $35.00 annual permit fee is required, and beginning in May 2003, a daily permit will also be available for $10.00 (per day), and can be purchased from any Allegheny National Forest office. An on-line application form is available (for annual permit only), the annual permits are available at all Forest Service offices on the Allegheny as well as at: Marienville Power Sports, Russell City Store, Race Honda in Bradford, Full Throttle in Warren, and Leisure Time Honda in Corry. Daily permits are available at Forest Service offices only. (New Marienville office temporary location map). 

    Marienville ATV/Bike Trail (on State Route 66 east of the town of Marienville.) The closest camping area is Beaver Meadows Recreation area, north of The town of Marienville. Camping along the ATV trail is permitted in the following parking areas: off Forest Road 221, off Forest Road 395, off Forest Road 401 and from Forest Road 125 at Pigs Ear. Camping is permitted along the trail as long as your equipment does not block the trail. ATV riding is not permitted off trails. 

    Timberline ATV Trail (access from State Route 948, north of Ridgway; also connects to the Marienville ATV Trail.) The closest camping area is Twin Lakes Recreation Area (south of Kane). Showers are available in summer season. Camping is permitted in the following parking areas: off Forest Road 125 (Pigs Ear), and from the main trailhead parking lot off State Route 948. Camping is permitted along the trail as long as your equipment does not block the trail. ATV riding is not permitted off trails. 

    Rocky Gap ATV Trail (access from Township Road 3005, southeast of Warren) The closest camping areas are Buckaloons and Hearts Content. Camping is not permitted in the parking area off State Route 3005, camping is permitted along the trail as long as your equipment does not block the trail. ATV riding is not permitted off trails. 

    Willow Creek ATV Trail (on the eastern side of the Allegheny Reservoir, just south of the New York State line.) The closest camping area is Tracy Ridge Recreation Area. Camping is permitted along Forest Road 137 and camping is permitted along the trail as long as your equipment does not block the trail. ATV riding is not permitted off trails. 

    Reservations for Campgrounds are available during the summer season. 

    Please Note:
    * Downloads contain notes in *.pdf format compatible with any PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat
    *Downloads of maps are in *zip format to be opened with any de-compression software such as winzip, stuffitt, etc.
    District Trail Skill Level & Notes Download Extra Information and Maps Season
    Allegheny Nat'l Forest - NE
    annual $35 permit fee is required
    Willow Creek ATV
    on the eastern side of the Allegheny Reservoir, just south of the New York State line. Closed during the winter season. 
     All Skill Levels

    41.95, -78.807 
    Willow Creek.pdf

    Willow Creek.zip

    Friday before Memorial Day to the last Sunday in September.
    Allegheny Nat'l Forest-NW
    annual $35 permit fee is required
    Rocky Gap ATV
    accessed from Township Road 3005, southeast of Warren
    Difficult Rocky Gap.pdf

    Rocky Gap.zip

    May - Oct.
    Allegheny Nat'l Forest - SE
    annual $35 permit fee is required
    Timberline ATV Trail 
    accessed from State Route 948, north of Ridgway (also connects to the Marienville ATV Trail). 
    Beginner - Intermediate  Timberline.pdf


    Friday before Memorial Day to the last Sunday in Sept.  & Dec 20 to April 1
    Allegheny Nat'l Forest - SW
    annual $35 permit fee is required
    Marienville ATV Trail
    State Route 66 east of the town of Marienville
    Difficult  - Most Difficult Marienville.pdf


    Friday before Memorial Day to the last Sunday in Sept &  Dec 20 to April 1
    Bald Eagle State Forest  Bald Eagle Forest-ATV
    East Kettle Road ATV
    Near Lewisburg in Snyder and Union Counties, the Bald Eagle State Forest has 10 miles of trails open to ATV riding.
    No skill level availablle at this time
    7 miles of summer trails. Access is at the parking area located along Route 235 three miles south of Glen Iron. The trail includes the East Kettle Road which has been closed to other types of motor vehicles.
    BaldEagle.zip Open only during the summer season. 
    Buchanan State Forest Martin Hill ATV 
    Martin Hill - Bedford County
    Access to the trail is from the parking area located on Route 326 two miles south of Rainsburg. 
    No skill level availablle at this time
    14 miles of summer trail. Access to the trail is from the parking area located on Route 326 two miles south of Rainsburg.

    Buchanan State Forest.pdf


    Jun - Sep
    Buchanan State Forest Sideling Hill ATV 
    Sideling Hill - Fulton County
    Near McConnellsburg, 30 miles of ATV trails. 
    No skill level availablle at this time
    12 miles of summer trail in the Wells Tannery area. Access is from Ray's Cove Road or Childers Ridge Road.
    Buchanan State Forest.pdf


    Jun - Sep
    Delaware State Forest  PohopocoTract
    Monroe County - 14 miles of summer trails. Access is from Route 115 five miles south of I-80.
    No skill level availablle at this time
    Map Includes:

    Pohopoco Tract,  Burnt Mills & Maple Run
    Delaware State Forest.pdf


    Jun - Sep

    The Pohopoco Tract is a day use area that closes at sunset. 

    Delaware State Forest  Burnt Mills Tract
    Pike County - 7 miles of summer and winter trail. Access is from a parking area on Route 402 one mile south of Porters Lake.
    No skill level availablle at this time Delaware State Forest .pdf


    Open during for use during both the summer and winter seasons
    Delaware State Forest  Maple Run Tract
    Pike County - 8 miles of summer trail. Access is from a parking area on Route 402 1-3/4 miles north of the village of Pecks Pond.
    No skill level availablle at this time Delaware State Forest .pdf


    Jun - Sep 
     Michaux State Forest  Michaux State Forest Area Trails 
    To reach the trailhead from US81, exit onto US30 heading east. Turn onto SR233 going south. 
    At Pine Grove State Park, pickup ATV map from park office.


    May - Oct
    Sproul State Forest  Sproul State Forest ATV
    Near Renovo, the Sproul State Forest has 35 miles of ATV trails.
    Winter season runs from the day following the last day of the regular or extended

    antlerless deer season as established by the Game Commision through the following April 1.
    Sproul State Forest.pdf

    Sproul State Forest.zip

    May - Oct 
    ATV Trail is open for use during both the summer and winter season. 
    Bloody Skillet
    Centre County
    20 trail miles (phase 1)
    From SR 144 approximately 18 1/2 miles north of Snow Shoe.Right onto DeHaas Road - travel 5 miles south to Northern Terminus Trailhead.
    May - Oct 
    ATV Trail is open for use during both the summer and winter season. 
    Susquehannock State Forest  Susquehannock State Forest  ATV
     Located in north-central Penn near Coudersport in Potter County, the Susquehannock State Forest has 35 miles of ATV trails.
    43 miles of summer trail. A loop trail located south of Denton Hill State Park. Access to the trail is from Lyman Run State Park or the Lyman Run Road east of the former Potatoe City Airfield. 
    Susquehannock State Forest.pdf

    Susquehannock State
    Forest .zip

    May - Oct

    Open only during the summer season.

    Tiadaghton State Forest Tiadaghton State Forest ATV
    Lycoming County
    Jack Martin
    Trails are located near Haneyville and include the Button Road and Jack Martin Trail.
    No skill level availablle at this time Tiadaghton State Forest.pdf

    Tiadaghton State Forest.zip

    ATV Trail is open for use during both the summer and winter seasons.
    Tiadaghton State Forest Button Road
    14 miles of summer and winter trails.
    No skill level availablle at this time
    Access to the trail is from Zinck Fork Road where it intersects the Button Road, from a parking area located at the CCC Camp along Route 44 and from Route 414 one mile south of Jersey Mills.
    Tiadaghton State Forest.pdf

    Tiadaghton State Forest.zip

    ATV Trail is open for use during both the summer and winter seasons.
    Valley of the Susquehanna Snow Shoe Trail
    Clarence (Snowshoe) to Winburne-19 miles
    ATV trail (only open to members of the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Association) Membership Application Membership Application
    We do our best to gather all public trail information available from public sites and place it in one area for your convenience. We know there are many trails not mentioned that we are not aware of or do not have access to. Please send us any information you have on any trails and we will add it to its respective page and keep them updated. mailto: trailmaster@pa-conservation.org

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